Other Recent Texts and Media (poetry, translations, programs…)

Bloch-Dano, Évelyne. La Fabuleuse Histoire des légumes. Pref. Michel Onfray. Paris: Grasset, 2008. [features the poem “Le Verger,” from Les Éblouissements]

Carroll, Roger Hunt. Cantiques pour Perséphone et Quatre petites chansons. With a dedication to Anna de Noailles. Norfolk: The Hague Press, 2010.

Correspondence with Maurice Barrès presented by Canal Académie in the program À voix lue, 27 August 2010.

Hewett, Edward. Fifteen Women: French Women Poets of the Early 20th Century.  Translations and Notes by Edward Hewett. Greensboro: Unicorn Press, 2010.

Soullard, Catherine, and Judith d’Astier. “Anna de Noailles (1876-1933) – Une vie, une œuvre.” With Pierre Brunel, Michel Crépu, and Robert Kopp. France Culture, 2002.